How social media is reshaping news.

The world we live in today deals with a lot of social media. Just think about it, who doesn’t have a social media now of days? It may sound bad,but it’s like  it controls our daily lives, and gives us a sense of a new self image. Thats good and all , but do people around the world know how social media is evolving and what role it plays when it comes to the daily news. Social media is always updating or evolving which leads a pathway for the news.

Not everyone , but majority of americans have a Facebook (FB). I don’t know what every person in the world uses their FB for, but I’m sure most users gain some type of new information from the site. The article stated that 64% of Americans use the FB site; but only 30% grab some type of news, or new information. ( I think it’s more than that though)

Social media may be seen as news by the postings/ statuses , pictures, videos, and even shared links that users have shared to the site. 50% of users shared or reposted someone else’s news story,images, or videos. 46% of users discussed  news or and issue/ event. 14% of users posted photos they took of a event or news. 12% of users posted videos they took of news or an event. Anything can really be seen as news, it’s really how another person takes in the information.


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