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September 29, 2013 I interviewed Tabnie L. Dozier of  Eyewitness News Local WEHT WTVW, where she is a Reporter/Anchor. Tabnie is a alumni of Western Kentucky University where she studied Broadcasting and graduated in honors back in May of 2011! #HillToppers She relocated to Evansville, In where her family is located and found work. Tabnie and I are actually cousins, and we conducted this interview over the phone.

A day in her shoes sounds exhausting , not to think a week!!A typical week for Tabnie is BUSY BUSY BUSY…. and did I mention BUSY! Everyday she has to get up at 4a.m. and usual gets off at 12:30p.m. or maybe even 2. Her days consist of Anchoring and Reporting news on the morning daybreak show, breaking news , and traffic updates. You thought that was it?!?!? After leaving work she may have to report to a City Council meeting, or might just get lucky and catch a break for a new story. Pretty much she’s always working, and never has a  9-5 job schedule.

One piece of work that Tabnie is proud of is a story she covered over the summer. It was about a police officer who had basically saved a little girls life, after she was hit by a car. She mentioned “It was like turning a negative into a positive, very sad story but with such an amazing outcome.”

She stays updated in the PR world by people.

“People are some of the best sources.” -Dozier

She gives out her business cards and always have them on her. Its a good and simple way to get yourself out there.

Some tips she offered me for someone starting fresh in the PR field was to be flexible, having and staying confident, and writing. Being flexible is a must, you never know what you might have to do. Having confidence and keeping it is important. people are relying on you to help them out or may seek info from you, so ITS IMPORTANT THAT YOU KNOW YOUR FACTS & TO NEVER GIVE OUT FALSE OR UNSURE INFORMATION.

With writing she said ” It’s the most important, and people take it for granted.” She  wished she had more time with writing back at WKU. She hadn’t had a lot of time with it. She then went on talking bout how writing the wrong thing can get you in trouble, or mislead an audience so its really important to make sure what your writing, and improve on it.

As of right now I am still looking forward in the field of PR. I still pretty much still have the same mindset as I did before the interview. I would say that I wouldn’t want to be a Reporter/Anchor for a news show though. It’s just not the type of work I wanna do.

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