I’m a senior attending Indiana State University. I have one final semester to complete before graduating in the spring; May 2015. I’ve been at ISU for five years majoring in Communication, Public Relation. I have excellent work experience and very skilled.


Media, Working with film, and cameras. Lighting and editing. Me along with other students came up with a short film URL. I also have worked in publications. I had a chance on being about of the yearbook.

Planning. Have done planning before. Helped out my best friend and his wife plan their wedding, and help with the ordering and arrangements. Planned a out of school bash in 2010. It was a huge success. Made 449 dollars at the end of that night.

WISU radio station. Me and some other students came together for an project and raised awareness to the schools radio station. We came up with a press kit and all.

Sycamore Resolution. Fall2014 Me and my Comm373 class created a webpage for this student conduct services for the campus.


Media, Sports, Music, Clothing, Arts, Planning, Creative,


High school; Bosse High School class of 2010

College; Indiana State University



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